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New Album Out Today

Just like the title says. Get it here



More Radiohead Remixes

Way too late with this one, I started this for the Reckoner Remix Contest but became disillusioned with the whole contest so I shelved it before it was finished, I came back to it a few weeks ago and decided to finish it off.

Here’s Nude Remix. Both tracks are downloadable, just click the arrow on the right hand side of the player.

In Minor Motion

My first experiment with Sony Vegas, 3 different videos combined to create a surreal effect. In Minor Motion is taken from the forthcoming Bare Bones EP.


Had some good news the other day, Lona Records will be releasing my new EP. The release date hasn’t been finalised but I’m guessing it will be early 2010.

The track listing will be:
1. Bare Bones
2. In Minor Motion
3. Sakura
4. We Make You (Green)

Each track is available as full length preview at Last FM and Track 4 can be downloaded for free. I’m working on a video for the lead track which involves stop motion/time-lapse photography, so it’s taking forever to finish.

My favourite of the four is Sakura, inspired by Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Horror Movies, Brian Eno and Metronomes. It’s a free floating melody set over a repeating drum loop.

Free Radio Remixes

Two remixes I did, one for Radiohead the for Radio Scotvoid. The Radiohead remix of Nude was part of their remix contest, which was a bit of a sham but that’s another story. The free download is here


I had more fun doing the Radio Scotvoid mix of LTB, using Jazz and Glitch drum loops, reversed piano and cello, dirty guitars, female vocal samples and one half of a mobile phone conversation, you can listen and download here

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