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Still CCycho After All These Years

So 2012 is almost over and I’ll shortly be thumbing my nose at the Mayans. I had hoped to make an album or at the very least an EP but it didn’t happen, I only made two track that I felt were worthy of release (some may say neither are worthy of course) but at least it was for something special, the 5th anniversary of Rec72

I contributed two tracks to the album, including this one.

So if you like this, then you’ll love the album because all the other tracks are better than mine.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?




Time for an update.

I’ve been posting more on my photography site because I hadn’t been making much music recently. However I was inspired by an invitation to contribute two tracks to the upcoming Rec72 anniversary compilation which is coming out in October. Rather than dig out something from the vault, I decided to record two new tracks, “Anima” and “The Final Days of The Space Cowboys”. “Anima” was pretty much done already but “Space Cowboys” was made especially for this album.

The album will feature 2 tracks each from Bitbasic, deef, Eigenheimer, Lofiuser, Pandacetamol, Radio Scotvoid, Small Colin and me. So in other words it will be a collection of top-notch Electronica made by a group of very talented people……….oh and some amateurish ambient noodling from me.

The Chillage Idiots

Bare Bones was also featured on The Chillage Idiots radio show on Dublin’s Xfm The show also features a track by The Black Dog and my Rec72 label mate Radio Scotvoid

Fragment (Consider Revising)

It’s been a busy time with some new releases coming very soon, the Bare Bones EP will be out on Lona Records in a few days and the Soft Shape download album is also due on Rec72.

Another project I had the pleasure of working on was a another Radio Scotvoid remix album. As usual Scott Buchanan has collected a range of diverse artists to mangle and mutilate his track “I Love Special K”

The official release date is 8th April but you can download it now from Bandcamp


Eclectic Beats For Diverse Peeps is the tagline for The CURIOS Show, part of Salem State College Radio WMWM 91.7 FM. The CURIOS Show, usually hosted by DJ Radio Scotvoid is on Wednesday nights from 9pm to Midnight (EST) and plays a wide range, from Breakcore and Glitch to Ambient and Trip Hop.

If you’re not in Boston you can still listen to the show here.

Random worldwide times are:
Bolivia: 10.00 PM
UK: 2:00 AM
Czech Republic: 3:00 AM
Israel: 4:00 AM
Afghanistan: 6:30 AM
Thailand: 9:00 AM
Australia: 11:00 AM

Also check out their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

Free Radio Remixes

Two remixes I did, one for Radiohead the for Radio Scotvoid. The Radiohead remix of Nude was part of their remix contest, which was a bit of a sham but that’s another story. The free download is here


I had more fun doing the Radio Scotvoid mix of LTB, using Jazz and Glitch drum loops, reversed piano and cello, dirty guitars, female vocal samples and one half of a mobile phone conversation, you can listen and download here

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