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Still CCycho After All These Years

So 2012 is almost over and I’ll shortly be thumbing my nose at the Mayans. I had hoped to make an album or at the very least an EP but it didn’t happen, I only made two track that I felt were worthy of release (some may say neither are worthy of course) but at least it was for something special, the 5th anniversary of Rec72

I contributed two tracks to the album, including this one.

So if you like this, then you’ll love the album because all the other tracks are better than mine.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?




Don’t Panic

Here’s a visual preview of the Soft Shapes album which will be released on April 1st by Rec72

You can watch it here

Fragment (Consider Revising)

It’s been a busy time with some new releases coming very soon, the Bare Bones EP will be out on Lona Records in a few days and the Soft Shape download album is also due on Rec72.

Another project I had the pleasure of working on was a another Radio Scotvoid remix album. As usual Scott Buchanan has collected a range of diverse artists to mangle and mutilate his track “I Love Special K”

The official release date is 8th April but you can download it now from Bandcamp


This is the original version of the track that appeared on the Milenka EP, I thought it was too intense so I did a more ambient mix for the EP.


I’ve just started a new page with a focus on Visual Arts. It’s still under construction but I’ve posted a few things.

In Minor Motion

My first experiment with Sony Vegas, 3 different videos combined to create a surreal effect. In Minor Motion is taken from the forthcoming Bare Bones EP.


Had some good news the other day, Lona Records will be releasing my new EP. The release date hasn’t been finalised but I’m guessing it will be early 2010.

The track listing will be:
1. Bare Bones
2. In Minor Motion
3. Sakura
4. We Make You (Green)

Each track is available as full length preview at Last FM and Track 4 can be downloaded for free. I’m working on a video for the lead track which involves stop motion/time-lapse photography, so it’s taking forever to finish.

My favourite of the four is Sakura, inspired by Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Horror Movies, Brian Eno and Metronomes. It’s a free floating melody set over a repeating drum loop.