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New Album Out Today

Just like the title says. Get it here



Bare Bones

It’s been a long time coming but Bare Bones EP is finally out on CD and is available from Lona Records

The track listing is:

01 Bare Bones

02 In Minor Motion

03 Sakura

04 We Make You (Green)

Bare Bones

1st Album

After only releasing EPs I’d been toying with the idea of making an album and after coming into contact with Net Label Rec72 I decided to make one, a lot of the tracks had already been recorded, some finished, some half finished and some like “Don’t Panic” were made especially for this album.

It’s entitled Soft Shapes and Rec72 is a Creative Commons label so that means it’s free to download.

Click here for free download


Had some good news the other day, Lona Records will be releasing my new EP. The release date hasn’t been finalised but I’m guessing it will be early 2010.

The track listing will be:
1. Bare Bones
2. In Minor Motion
3. Sakura
4. We Make You (Green)

Each track is available as full length preview at Last FM and Track 4 can be downloaded for free. I’m working on a video for the lead track which involves stop motion/time-lapse photography, so it’s taking forever to finish.

My favourite of the four is Sakura, inspired by Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Horror Movies, Brian Eno and Metronomes. It’s a free floating melody set over a repeating drum loop.

Vimeo vs YouTube

and the winner is…………………………..Vimeo
It’s a much cooler site, the content is miles
better and they let you use custom hearders.

Sound and Vision
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One of the things I love about Last FM

is the fact that you can allow people to preview your whole catalogue and give away free downloads. The Milenka and Kanza EPs have full previews of each song and one track from each EP is downloadable for free, there’s also a bunch of unreleased stuff that can also be downloaded for free, just follow the link below.

Free MP3s on

nisei23 Milenka EP review

A nice review of my first EP.

nisei23?s Milenka EP – EXP/AM Review’s MySpace Blog |

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