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New Album Out Today

Just like the title says. Get it here



Bare Bones

It’s been a long time coming but Bare Bones EP is finally out on CD and is available from Lona Records

The track listing is:

01 Bare Bones

02 In Minor Motion

03 Sakura

04 We Make You (Green)

Bare Bones

1st Album

After only releasing EPs I’d been toying with the idea of making an album and after coming into contact with Net Label Rec72 I decided to make one, a lot of the tracks had already been recorded, some finished, some half finished and some like “Don’t Panic” were made especially for this album.

It’s entitled Soft Shapes and Rec72 is a Creative Commons label so that means it’s free to download.

Click here for free download

Don’t Panic

Here’s a visual preview of the Soft Shapes album which will be released on April 1st by Rec72

You can watch it here


I’ve just started a new page with a focus on Visual Arts. It’s still under construction but I’ve posted a few things.

In Minor Motion

My first experiment with Sony Vegas, 3 different videos combined to create a surreal effect. In Minor Motion is taken from the forthcoming Bare Bones EP.

Vimeo vs YouTube

and the winner is…………………………..Vimeo
It’s a much cooler site, the content is miles
better and they let you use custom hearders.

Sound and Vision
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