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Merry Something

The last few months have been very busy but now I’m finally able to relax for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping I’ll be more productive in 2011 but for now I hope everyone has a great Christmas.

I Love Special K


Shoegaze Top 10

Just my opinion of course, I’ve included links to the videos for each song (except for Everybird, because I couldn’t find it) and links to the official websites where possible and where not possible the Wikipedia page or a good unofficial site.

01. Only ShallowMy Bloody Valentine
02. SingSlowdive
03. Dreams Burn DownRide
04. De-LuxeLush
05. HuntedPale Saints
06. Pearl –  Chapterhouse
07. Celeste The Telescopes
08. Everybird The Boo Radleys
09. Blue Skied an ClearSlowdive
10. I Only SaidMy Bloody Valentine

Also check out this Shoegazerboy

The Chillage Idiots

Bare Bones was also featured on The Chillage Idiots radio show on Dublin’s Xfm The show also features a track by The Black Dog and my Rec72 label mate Radio Scotvoid


Bare Bones is the featured track in Issue #6 of Storychord which is cool site that mixes art, writing and music. Bare Bones accompanies a story by Duncan Birmingham and art by Sarah Fletcher

Bare Bones

It’s been a long time coming but Bare Bones EP is finally out on CD and is available from Lona Records

The track listing is:

01 Bare Bones

02 In Minor Motion

03 Sakura

04 We Make You (Green)

Bare Bones