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The Final Days of The Space Cowboys

I know it’s an odd title but it makes sense to me.



After many false starts, I finally have new music online. It’s a slight departure from my previous work, very minimal. I had to resist the temptation to keep adding extra layers and sounds.

Not sure where and when it will be released…………..but it will.


Last year I tried making another EP or album but it didn’t happen, I put a few bits and pieces together but nothing worthy of release.

I think 2012 will be different though.



Currently in California experimenting with iPod apps maybe something interesting will come from it.


Shoegaze Top 10

Just my opinion of course, I’ve included links to the videos for each song (except for Everybird, because I couldn’t find it) and links to the official websites where possible and where not possible the Wikipedia page or a good unofficial site.

01. Only ShallowMy Bloody Valentine
02. SingSlowdive
03. Dreams Burn DownRide
04. De-LuxeLush
05. HuntedPale Saints
06. Pearl –  Chapterhouse
07. Celeste The Telescopes
08. Everybird The Boo Radleys
09. Blue Skied an ClearSlowdive
10. I Only SaidMy Bloody Valentine

Also check out this Shoegazerboy


I’ve just started a new page with a focus on Visual Arts. It’s still under construction but I’ve posted a few things.

Trying to learn HTML

Feels like a long and hard road to travel, I’m drowning in information and jargon. Any wisdom would be much appreciated.